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Meet qualified candidates in as little as 3 days and fill your full-time and contractor headcount 60% faster.

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Accelerated Hiring and Effective Onboarding

MeetHires accelerates the hiring process, enabling you to meet qualified candidates within 3 days and fill positions 60% faster than usual. Our full-service approach ensures that you only engage with candidates who are thoroughly vetted and eager to start, simplifying leadership’s role to solely assessing skills and fit.

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Tailored Staffing Solutions for Diverse Needs

MeetHires offers specialized staffing services with a focus on direct hire recruiting, contractor roles, and talent acquisition training, tailored to industries like engineering, tech, and digital marketing. Our rapid sourcing delivers U.S. candidates in mere days, and our contract-to-hire options provide flexibility to assess potential long-term fits. Additionally, we support new hires with a 90-day check-in program, ensuring a smooth transition and sustained success.

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Software Development, ERP Implementation, Cloud & Premise, Cybersecurity, Salesforce & CRM, Web Development & CMS, UX & Technical Writing

ABM & Digital Marketing, Graphic & Motion Design, SEO & SEM, Channel & Field Marketing, Marketo & Pardot, Copywriting & Social Media

Staff Accountants, Accounts Payable Specialists, Cost Accountants, Controllers, Payroll Specialists, Bookkeepers

Project Managers, MEP Engineering, Systems Engineering, Energy & Transmission, Battery & Storage, Civil & Estimators


Hire the professional your team deserves.

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